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Prov 29:18 – Where there is no revelation, (VISION-KJ) the people cast off restraint; *PERISH)
But happy (BLESSED) is he who keeps the law.

VISION is a WORD PICTURE that Reveals God Plans for your life –

Gen 15 – God used a vision to tell Abraham he would be the father of many nations
Isaiah 6 – In the year – King Uzziah’s died, Isaiah saw a VISION of the Lord high and lifted up –
Acts 9 – Paul had a vision on the Damascus road – changed his life forever;

IF YOU ARE GOING TO WIN IN THIS NEXT SEASON you got to STOP WAITING…start watching; start writing; start walking –
get the VISION *WORD” of GOD for YOUR LIFE!


3 PRINCIPLES OF winning faith *Hab 2:4


1. Winning Faith is Focused Faith –
Winning Faith Focuses on God’s Vision, not your own…

2. Winning Faith is Obedient Faith – Obedient Faith Protects and Promotes You

3. Winning Faith is Persevering Faith – I’m NOT GOING TO GIVE UP – Putting God’s WORD/VISION over my circumstances —

Dr. Myles Munroe – wrote in his book – “Re-discovering Faith” –
“When things happen that you cant explain and nothing seems to be working –we have to refocus our faith” He said – its not about having faith so that you can get God to do good things for you…it’s about simply believing God—despite the circumstances .”
“Your faith is only as strong as the test it survives.”