Hello there! I am Dr. Teresa Hairston, I’ve been writing and publishing magazines and books for over 30 years. I’m a ghostwriter, publishing/writing consultant and coach. If you’ve got a book in your heart…let me help you get it out!

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[gallery ids="1289,1288,1287,1286,1285,1281,1269,1268,1267,1266,1265,1264,1255,1252,1251,1250,1249,1246,1245,1244,1243,1242,1241,1240,1239,1238,1237,1236,1235,1234,1233,1232,1231,1230,1229,1228,1227,1226,1225,1224,1223,1222,1221,1220,1219,1218,1217,1216,1215,1214,1213,1212,1211,1210,1209,1208,1207,1206,1205,1204,1203,1202,1201,1200,1199,1198,1197,1196,1195,1194,1193,1192,1191,1190,1189"] Over the years, see the miraculous evolution of Gospel Today! Gospel Today began in 1989 as a 4-page newsletter. Over the next 23 years, it grew to become the #1 Christian Lifestyle Magazine in the world! Gospel Today was known as the premiere source of inspiration...