Hello there! I am Dr. Teresa Hairston, I’ve been writing and publishing magazines and books for over 30 years. I’m a ghostwriter, publishing/writing consultant and coach. If you’ve got a book in your heart…let me help you get it out!

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FREE Download! Marketing Advice for Authors

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  • Maxine Lewis

    September 16, 2019 at 7:08 pm Reply

    I am and was so elited seening cover of women pastor , as woman pastor myself it has been hard for most men and some women to see vision of Joel 2:28 son and daugther shall prophesy , your old mem shall dream dreams, your men shall see vision. This scripture if they would believe and focus they would have knowledge of God word. Word tell us my people suffer for lack of knowledge . I am so glad they found and old magazine to remind me how much Today Gospel Magazine bless me as pastor. My first in 2005 my first experience of MegaFest T.D. Jake. I am going start back today. Here living deep south georgia lack the knowledge black or any race. A woman pastor sometime being discriminated for walking in calling of God. Our outreach Jesus Outreach You. Young ladies 14 years addicted drug because first outreach her and many more free from drug. One became Drug counseling 12 years free from drug went school receving a Master becoming a drug counseling currently writing a book that will be “Broken Wing”
    Some of people in community was church people talk negitives I was wasting my time. 12 year later some seem how wrong that was . Dr. Clara Graves Hokpin from crack house to drug counseling. I don’t know why I am writing all this because I was just comment on how much magazine mean and I just found this old one and plan to start back buy and shall this for congregation starting also. Thank you I so glad I came across this old Gospel Today magazine.

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