Publishing Coach/Consultant/Ghostwriter

Self-Publishing Coaching

Do you need a Publishing Coach?

The answer is YES… If:

  • you are serious about writing/publishing/promoting/marketing your book;
  • you’ve been struggling with “content” or “process” obstacles regarding the completion of your book
  • you need a skilled professional to “guide” you across finish line of your book.
  • you need someone who can help you acheive your writing or marketing goals.

What I can do for you:

  • Help you Crystallize your ideas
  • Help you Create the outline for your book
  • Help you create a timeline for finishing your book

You can become the successful author of your dreams!

Cost: $199/month*

*Includes two 45-minute sessions/month; 2 month minimum


Book Marketing Coaching

You need a Consultant if:

  • You are in the process of writing your book, but you need help completing it;
  • You are in the process of writing your book, and you need a professional review and response to help improve it;
  • You have a great idea for your book and have some elements, but need help structuring your ideas and elements.
  • You need help developing your book’s marketing plan/creative ideas
  • You don’t know how to get your book published/formatted as a printed book or ebook

Publishing consultant service options (choose one):

  • Get a “high-level” review of your content and a written response with a detailed professional opinion;
  • Assist in organizing your writing process and your book’s foundational structure including suggested ideas for more effective presentation
  • Assist in developing a creative marketing and promotional plan within your budget
  • Assist in getting your book cover professionally designed, interior format, printed and converted into an ebook. (Extra fees apply for vendors in this option)

Publish your passion and monetize your message!

Cost: $299/month*

*Includes two 45-minute sessions/month; 2 month minimum


Magazine Publishing Coaching

Magazines are NOT dead!! You CAN be successful in the magazine publishing arena!

After 23 years of magazine publishing, I can help you take your publication to the next level! From concept to creation; distribution, subscription sales, advertising sales—It’s still a great season for magazines! I’ll help you move from dreams to reality!

Magazine Publishing Coaching

Ghostwriting is a WONDERFUL way to get a book done when you:

a. Don’t have time to write it yourself.

b. Don’t have the writing skills but have a great story to tell.

I have the experience and skill to help you get your story told and published!

Your ideas + my words=Your Book!

Don’t wait any longer. Your book is part of your legacy, and a great opportunity to create a stream of income.

Cost: Starts at $3750.


Consulting Services

At this level, you gain access to my expertise and years of experience. I will be your trusted adviser. I will help you develop your outline or review what you’ve written and provide valuable feedback to help you make progress with your book.

Areas of Consulting:

  1. Editorial
  2. Marketing
  3. Publishing (editing/printing/formatting, etc)

Setting up a professional magazine — with systems, media kit, advertising strategies, etc, is not easy! I can help you to set your magazine up for long-term success.

Areas of focus:

  1. Infrastructure (Editorial board, staffing, scheduling, structure)
  2. Advertising and Marketing Strategies
  3. Distribution Strategies

Your ideas, your feel, your flow; my writing. For the person who has an amazing book in your heart, but no time (or maybe no writing technique) to put pen to paper…I’m here for you. Writing projects can take as little as three to six months to complete.

Includes editorial plan (approved by client before development), final manuscript with revisions and light proofing/editing.


# Name Description Price
1 Publishing Coach
Two 45-minute sessions/month $199.
2 Marketing Coach Two 45-minute sessions/month $199
3 Magazine Consultant
Two 45-minute sessions/month $499
4 Book Consultant Two 45-minute sessions/month $499
5 Ghostwriter Projects vary – starts at $3000 TBD

Follow Your Writing Dreams