Become a published author in Just SIX WEEKS!

2 thoughts on “Become a published author in Just SIX WEEKS!

  1. Julie

    Hello Dr. Hairston,

    My name is Julie Husbands. A colleague of mine just mentioned he was watching your scope and you mentioned for those who wanted to start their magazine, you will give a 15 minute consultation. I would be delighted to hear your expertise since I am working on starting min
    Please feel free to contact me via my email or my cell with your availability at 267.444.5814

    Kindest Regards,

    Julie Husbands

    1. thairston Post author

      Hi there Julie!
      Thank you for reaching out! I schedule the consultations on Mon, Tues or Wed — between 10:30a – noon; what day/time works best for you within those days work?

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